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We provide complete procurement solutions, from implementing our integrated procurement application, to consultancy services to make sure everything perform as well as needed



Integrated Procurement Solutions

Promise is an Enterprise Procurement Application, integrated within your system. Providing integrated solutions such as Vendor Management, Procurement Management, Contract Management, and Enterprise Spend Monitoring. Ensuring all your procurement process run efficiently and transparent, giving you complete control as management. With Promise, you will get compliance, best price, increasing productivity and good quality item and services.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

The solutions we offer are not only limited to the products above. As an experienced party in optimizing procurement performance, we also provide procurement system consulting services that can help improve business processes' effectiveness.

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Cloud Based Procurement Solutions

Procurite is cloud e-procurement solution based on procure to pay concept, to fulfil customers needs in accelerating their procurement process of goods and services, based on company compliance to reach efficiency and getting good price on goods and services.

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